MAGNUS fishing flies / lures saltwater hooks Sizes 6-10 Pack of eight #4A


  • MAGNUS SET OF 8 Flies
  • Deadly fished for Pike and Bass or Larger Trout and Sea Trout
  • Effective throughout the season-Used extensively across Scandinavia In UK will take larger Trout & Pike
  • Suitable for saltwater — Used worldwide as bait-fish lure
  • Finest Quality Tying Size 6-10 Mixed Long Shank saltwater hooks

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MAGNUS Flies in a pack of 8. Tied on size 6 -10 saltwater hooks.
Massively successful as a bait-fish imitation. Numerous saltwater fish will take this lure plus in UK and Europe Pike, Salmon, BIG Brown and Rainbow trout find this pattern deceptive. Further afield we have taken Bass and even Barracuda.
Flies all expertly tied on quality saltwater resistant hooks. These are the best quality tying dressed on high carbon hooks.
Colours and patterns may vary to meet seasonal requirements.