BestCity Fly Fishing Chameleon Fly Fishing Leader/Tippet 4X 50M #212


Chameleon has the unique property of changing hues to match the colour of the surroundings, for invisibility in water that is cloudy or lightly stained.

Designed for freshwater lakes and rivers, this line has the toughest finish on the market.

It is ideal for casting and flipping around rocks, brush and other snags.

The incredible abrasion resistance also makes Chameleon the best choice for fishing rock-strewn rivers, especially for salmon, steelhead and walleye.

Chameleon works perfectly on baitcasting and conventional reels.

This line makes it an ideal fly leader material, especially for the butt section of tapered leaders.



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Premium Fly Tippet line- 4X 50M . The link between flyline and fly is crucial. So many anglers cut corners on this vital part of the tackle set up. We have once again used our bulk purchasing to bring you a fabulous product at a very competitive price. Great quality almost invisible on the water- Up to 98% knot strength,


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